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In vitro fertilization (IVF) is a process by which an egg is fertilized by sperm outside the body in vitro (“in glass”). The process involves monitoring and stimulating a woman’s ovulatory process, removing an ovum or ova (egg or eggs) from the woman’s ovaries and letting sperm fertilize them in a liquid in a laboratory. The fertilized egg (zygote) is cultured for 2–6 days in a growth medium and is then implanted in the same or another woman’s uterus, with the intention of establishing a successful pregnancy.

Blocked or damaged fallopian tubes
Male factor infertility including decreased sperm count or sperm motility
Women with ovulation disorders, premature ovarian failure, uterine fibroids
Women who have had their fallopian tubes removed
Individuals with a genetic disorder
Unexplained infertility

Monitoring and stimulation of the development of healthy egg(s) in the ovaries
Collection of the eggs Securing the sperm
Combining the eggs and sperm together in the laboratory and provide the appropriate environment for fertilization and early embryo growth
Transferring embryos into the uterus

There are various infertility treatments available. Of all the infertility treatments available, IVF involves low risks to patients. When you decide to have an IVF treatment various tests are performed, embryo screening is done to ensure a successful pregnancy, and proper planning is done before jumping to any conclusion. Babies born from IVF have a similarly low rate of birth defects as babies born naturally. IVF Pregnancy has a high rate of conception as compared to other infertility treatments. If necessary, multiple IVF cycles can be performed to increase the chances of pregnancy. With IVF pregnancy treatment, there are the least chances of miscarriages. IVF pregnancy involves high chances of multiple babies. IVF pregnancy is highly effective and a safe option for Infertile couples.

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