Dr. Rimmy Singla is a renowned infertility specialist in India with 20 years experience in ART (Assisted Reproductive Technology). She completed MRCOG(1) from UK and Dip. Reproductive Med. from Germany.

Dr. Rimmy Singla, former Director cum Incharge –Ivy test Tube Baby Center, Ivy Hospital, Mohali.
Dr. Rimmy had set up IVF Centers in Mohali (Singla Mediclinic), a new Multi speciality hospital(Radiance Hospital) Exclusive boutique for IVF, ICSI & LAPAROSCOPIC Cancer Surgical centre.

Apart from executing advanced laparoscopic surgeries and handling high risk pregnancy cases, she is also an expert in various ART techniques including IVF, IUI, ICSI, donor egg /sperm, surrogacy .

One of her main areas of interest is PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome). A Specialized PCOS clinic has been set up in Mohali, where she gives specialized and holistic treatment to PCOS patients. The clinic offers integrative medical care with Gynecologist, Counselor, dietician, Yoga specialist and the new PCOS Diary has been designed to help women cope and manage PCOS in the long run.

She has the credit of Limca Book of Record in association with Zydus nutriva. Dr. Rimmy was part of a mission to raise awareness of the importance of Folic acid for the mother and baby. She participated in the largest nutrition awareness campaign focusing on folic acid supplementation for the prevention of congenital birth defects.

She is a regular speaker at national & international conferences. Dr Rimmy is passionate about writing blogs and articles on general health, infertility, PCOS, healthy food etc for creating awareness among general public. Her Facebook live sessions are closely followed by masses around the world. She also works on PCOS awareness, by doing TV shows and conducting awareness camps. Regular free camps are conducted in the clinics for infertility, PCOS and cancer screening in females.

  1. Dr. Rimmy Singla gets felicitated at International Healthcare Awards, 2017. She is Rashtriya Swarnim Hind Awardee. In 2020 Dr. Rimmy Singla becomes the chairperson for Disha Women Welfare Trust. She says that educating and empowering women is the catalyst for the rapid socio-economic growth of the country. My aim is to intend to work towards a more inclusive future and hope that our efforts will lead to effective and informed policy solutions that will empower women, make a positive impact, and change many lives.
  2. Diploma in Reproductive Medicine and embryology from International School of Medicine Kiel, Germany And training from IIRM KOLKATA
  3. Got prestigious fellowship from Indian college of Obsetetrics and Gynaecologists (FICOG).
  4. Extensive experience performing PGS(preimplantation genetic screening), procedure that detect genetic disorders and chromosomal abnormalities in embryos before they’re transferred into the uterus.
  5. Extensive experience performing NIPS (Noninvasive prenatal screening)are commonly performed tests for screening for Trisomy 21 (Down syndrome), Trisomy 18 (Edwards syndrome), Trisomy 13 & Monosomy X (Turner syndrome). These tests are offered to pregnant women who want to find out if they may be at increased risk of having a baby with any of the above syndromes.
  6. Intense training in Advanced infertility treatment at numerous workshops and conferences.
  7. Invited as a faculty in various state and national conferences.
  8. Developed state of art advanced laparoscopy unit at ivy hospital.
  9. Promotes health awareness by conducting seminars and writing articles.
  10. In addition of being techno-savvy person, she loves making friends, and keenly interested in learning in education.
  11. Secretary, Mohali Obs and Gynae Society