What Is ICSI?
Dr. Rimmy Singls describes(ICSI Treatment Specialist) ICSI is known as Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection which is designed to treat fertility issues in men. In addition, this is the assisted reproductive method which is specially designed for males with low sperm count, has infectious diseases, and vasectomy. In this treatment, your surgeon injects a single sperm cell directly to the women’s egg for conception.
This procedure is carried out in Radiance Hospital Mohali, the best IVF centre in Mohali, Punjab concurrently with IVF, in which the partner’s sperm and the woman’s eggs are combined following the appropriate stimulation.

Why is ICSI performed?

ICSI is often used for severe male infertility, which includes:

Oligospermia or a low sperm count
Teratozoospermia or irregular sperm function
Asthenozoospermia or poor sperm motility

ICSI And Male Factor Infertility
Yes, there is a great link in ICSI and male factor infertility because this treatment is useful for those males who are suffering from low sperm count, poor sperm motility, and some other infertility problems on men.

Advantages of ICSI

The treatment for male infertility known as ICSI involves directly injecting sperm into the egg. Even while there is no assurance that this treatment for male infertility will always be successful, eliminating the primary cause improves the chances.

A successful ICSI operation depends on several variables, including motility, sperm count, and morphology. These elements make it possible for the sperm to meet the egg and fertilize it.

This procedure is helpful for male infertility treatment in Mohali and assisted a disabled man who had an irreversible vasectomy, same-sex couples, and a single parent in raising a child.