Dr. Rimmy Singla said that after years of practicing IVF, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, performing multiple deliveries and gynecologic surgeries, we realized that women wanted and needed something more. Women always wanted to be beautiful at any age! 

Radiance Hospital Mohali offers Cosmetic gynecological services as we believe that we can offer our patients treatment options of, non-surgical and surgical that can restore a more youthful and pleasing appearance and make them feel more feminine and beautiful again.

Cosmetic gynecology is mainly of two types: Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty


Cosmetic Gynaecology, including LABIOPLASTY, is growing in popularity. Girls and women turn to these procedures for various reasons. Some may be seeking relief from genital pain, while others may have cosmetic concerns about the look of their vagina. Still, others may be hoping to enhance their sexual satisfaction.

Labiaplasty is a surgical procedure to trim and shape the vagina’s inner lips that may be elongated or asymmetrical that may cause pain or make them feel self-conscious. Long labia may cause pain during sexual intercourse, exercise, or even while wearing jeans.


Improved muscle tone and sensation in the genital region.

Increased attractiveness, and hence a boost in overall confidence and self-esteem of the woman.

Non-Surgical Treatment Options:
Hymenoplasty Hymen Restoration
Labiaplasty(Labia Reduction)
Ciltoral Unhooding
Post Delivery Rehabilitation(Laser)
Stress Urinary Incontinence(Laser)
G-Spot Amplification
Vaginal Dryness
Decreased Sexual Arousal
Painful Intercourse
Vaginal Rejuvenation with Laser
Laser Vulvar whitening
Laser vulvar skin Tightening
Fillers and injectables

Dr. Rimmy Singla is one of the Best Surgeon for doing the Hymen Repair Surgery. This surgery is the surgical repair of the hymen. Hymen gets ruptured by having sexual intercourse or participating in impact sports. In some cultures, including Indian culture, some of the people still suppose the bride to be a virgin at the time of the marriage. The right time to get this surgery is about one month before the marriage. In this surgery, the torn edges of the hymen are joined and nobody can make out if the hymen has been repaired.

At Radiance Hospital Mohali we make sure your privacy is strictly maintained. It is firmly confidential between you and a hymenoplasty surgeon. Most girls/Women feel comfortable with a female surgeon in such cases and we provide you with the same. Dr. Rimmy Singla is the best surgeon for cosmetic gynecology that can give you the desired treatment in a very confidential manner. Dr. Rimmy Singla is a specialist in cosmetic gynecology and has precision in performing the surgery.

Dr. Rimmy Singla said that the hymenoplasty is generally a 30-45 minute procedure and can be done in an OPD surgery center or in-office using general or local anesthesia. We use dissolvable stitches to re-join the skin membrane that once partially enclosed the opening to the vagina. After the hymenoplasty surgery, the patient can return to work in a day or two

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