Dr. Rimmy Singla says, some women are born with enlarged labia, whereas others develop the enlargement due to childbirth, hormonal changes, or age. Enlarged labia minora can cause discomfort in tight clothing, during physical activities, and with sexual intercourse. Many women are very self-conscious with their labial appearance, as large labia can cause loss of self-esteem and lack of intimacy.

What Is Labiaplasty?
Labiaplasty (labioplasty) or labia minora reduction is a procedure that reduces the size of the labia minora.

Am I a Good Candidate for Labiaplasty?
You may be a good candidate for labiaplasty if the size of your labia minora gets in the way of you living a happy, comfortable life. Candidates for labiaplasty are women unhappy with the appearance of and experience pain and discomfort with their labia.
If you are in generally good health, have realistic expectations of your results, and do not smoke, labiaplasty may be right for you.

How Long Does a Labiaplasty Take?
The length of your labiaplasty will vary depending on the amount of correction needed and specific surgical techniques used. Generally, the surgery takes one to two hours to complete.

What Is the Recovery Process Like After Labiaplasty?
The recovery after the Alter wedge labiaplasty will vary between patients. However, most women can return to work and other obligations within a few days.

You should wear loose clothing and protect your surgical site for a few weeks, but no additional care is required. Sex should be avoided for at least six weeks.

Will labiaplasty tighten my vagina?
Labiaplasty tightens the vulva, which is the outer part of the female genitalia. This surgery does not tighten the vagina or any internal tissues.

Is labiaplasty permanent?
Labiaplasty is considered a long-lasting procedure; however, it is important to remember that no plastic surgery procedure prevents additional aging or damage caused by pregnancy or weight fluctuations. Your tissues will continue to age naturally.

What if I get pregnant after labiaplasty?
Undergoing labiaplasty will not prevent you from getting pregnant, nor will it affect a future pregnancy in any way. Unfortunately, a subsequent vaginal delivery will likely impact the quality and appearance of your labiaplasty results.

Dr. Rimmy Singla said that after years of practicing IVF, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, performing multiple deliveries and gynecologic surgeries, we realized that women wanted and needed something more. Women always wanted to be beautiful at any age!

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Cosmetic gynecology is mainly of two types: Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty

Dr. Rimmy Singla performs labiaplasty revision(Cosmetic gynecology) in Radiance Hospital, kharar(Mohali).

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