If you experience abdominal pain then consult the best laparoscopic surgeon Dr. Raman Singla in Mohali ASAP.  Dr. Raman Singla said that It’s usually performed when noninvasive methods are unable to help with diagnosis. If the problem is major & the specialist recommended laparoscopy surgery in Mohali, then don’t get worried about the surgery.

Dr. Raman Singla(Director Radiance Hospital)  shares the utmost tips that will help you in recovery from laparoscopic surgery.

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Prepare yourself:

There are many things you should take care of while doing preparation for the surgery.

Before laparoscopy, laparoscopic surgeon asks for blood tests, urinalysis, electrocardiogram (EKG or ECG), and chest X-ray. There is also need to perform certain imaging tests, including an ultrasound, CT scan, or MRI scan

Eat right and healthy for fast recovery.

After surgery, patient may feel constipated.

Few foods may help with fatigue and also aid in the body’s recovery process. Foods you consume should include:

·         Protein – Is essential to wound healing.

·         Vitamin C – Some research shows that Vitamin C and can help with healing.

·         B12 and Iron -forming new blood cells.

·         Fiber and probiotics –Boost the immune system.

Don’t miss follow-up appointments with your doctor.

Even if you are feeling better, it is very important to attend post-op visits as your surgeon will be looking for things you may not be able to see, especially if your incision is internal like with a hysterectomy. 

Get moving (very carefully).

When you are strong enough, begin walking for 5 minutes a day, building until you start to walk at least 30 minutes easily and effortlessly. Continuing walking and moving around once you are home can help prevent other complications, like pneumonia and deep vein thrombosis.

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