Dr. Rimmy Singla(Senior Consultant Gynecologist, infertility specialist & laparoscopic Surgeon)recommends that if you are planning a pregnancy should try to get the vaccine.
The decision of when to become a mother is very personal, but in view of the outbreak of the second wave, Dr. Rimmy Singla is suggesting that women should plan pregnancy only after getting vaccinated. As 2nd wave symptoms are severe than before.Covid Mothers facing Difficulty, They have less immunity.Increase in cases of Covid Deaths among Pregnant Women.More Complaints of Abortion, Bleeding, Early Delivery.
Dr. Rimmy Singla said that this time Pregnant women have more complications.Earlier, Deaths among Pregnant women due to covid was rare. Complications are greater in Newborn Children.

Dr Rimmy(Director Radiance Hospital & Director Singla Mediclinic)says, “For non-pregnant women, and women who are not planning pregnancy, the vaccine can be taken anytime, on any day of the menstrual cycle and even during menstruation. They can take two shots at 4 – 6 weeks’ interval and wait for a minimum of 15 days after the second shot to have maximum protection.”

Dr. Rimmy Singla says that generally, pregnant women must register early with a Multispeciality hospital-like Radiance Hospital for delivery which has all facilities for ultrasound, laboratory, neonatal intensive care unit, and the multispeciality team of doctors. “Minimum of four to five physical visits including sonography with doctor and remaining tele/ video consultation throughout nine months is required. Follow a healthy diet, exercise preferably at home, take antenatal vitamins and supplements regularly,” she says.

Dr. Rimmy Singla further adds In the case of planned conception or IVF treatment, the current situation of pandemic I would recommend that, in this Covid-19 pandemic, she should prioritize to take the doses of vaccine, and then plan for the pregnancy. She further adds “Covid-19 vaccine does not cause infertility. There is no relation between vaccine and infertility.”

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