Doctor’s day is observed on a different day across the world. It is an occasion marked to pay tribute to the physician, doctors, and their contributions towards society. But due to the second wave of coronavirus. 730 doctors lost their life and 776 doctors tested positive reported by (IMA) Indian Medical Association. Doctors, mainly in India, work tirelessly to heal the huge population with multiple health conditions. 

But do we understand or give respect to doctors? The response would be negative. With the threats and attacks from the patients and their families, doctors are trying their best to stay calm and provide good treatment. India lost thousands of doctors during the fight against Covid-19. The second wave of Covid-19 threw multiple challenges before the doctors who were on the frontline as hospitals faced shortages of medical oxygen, beds, ventilators, and life-saving medicines. However, it was only because of doctors and scientists that the world was able to develop several vaccines against coronavirus in a short span.

National Doctors day is an effort to tackle the problems of doctors and give doctors the honor they deserve. The date and the reason for celebrating Doctor’s day vary from country to country. Although this day is celebrated by patients, health care organizations, and supporters of the health care industry. 


 In India, It is celebrated on 1st July in honor of Dr. Bidhan Chandra Roy’s birth and death anniversary. He was a renowned physician and notable educationist, a freedom fighter, former Chief Minister of West Bengal. The “British Medical Journal” named “Roy” as the “first medical consultant” in the subcontinent of India, who mounted his contemporaries in several fields”. It is also said that “at his professional field he had the largest consulting practice in the world”.

National Doctors Day is an effort to tackle their issues and give them the respect they deserve. The service they provide to humans as a whole is incomparable. This day is a day of mindfulness and harmony for doctors worldwide. They do everything for us during the worst moment of our health.


Radiance hospital, Mohali (Punjab) is celebrating The ‘National day of doctors’ in memory of B.C Roy and doctors who lost their lives because of coronavirus. The celebration of National Doctors’ Day is a small gesture to thank the doctors who work hard and gives day-night services to the patients. Radiance Hospital, Mohali is redefining healthcare every day. Dr. Raman Singla & Dr. Rimmy Singla’s quality journey and culture of “Seva” modify their vision to create a unique hospital that places patients first. And this is a prime motto of Radiance hospital, Mohali. Radiance Hospital rated as the Best hospital in Mohali, Punjab.

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