Stem cells are considered to be the raw material of one’s body. They have the capability of producing more functional cells under a specific circumstance. 

Types of stem cells

  • Embryonic: This type of stem cells usually originates from human embryos, which are around 3-5 days old. A doctor can harvest them during in-vitro fertilization or, IVF, to cure the issue of infertility. The fertilization procedure of the same requires a laboratory environment instead of the body of a woman. These cells can create almost any type of functional cell in one’s body.
  • Non-Embryonic: These cells usually originate from either a developed organ or a tissue in your body.
  • Induced Pluripotent: These types of stem cells are created in a laboratory by scientists.

Stem Cell Treatment For Female Infertility

The stem cell therapy can be beneficial for the female community who are having trouble with infertility as well. It can help in creating oocytes generation and ovarian cell production. This way, their overall fertility level can increase massively. Furthermore, it can also repair the tissues of the uterus and help the organ to produce healthy cells in a proper manner. This way, the women can get rid of their infertile state and pave the path of motherhood.

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