July 25th – World IVF day 💗 Dr. Rimmy SIngla

The journey of IVF treatment over 44 years from the birth of Louise Brown on 25th July 1978 has created countless miracles to convert hope to happiness. The treatment was recognized, appreciated, accepted, rejected, criticized, and regulated, but it stood the test of time and continues to be a boon globally for those who need this medical help to make their lives happy.

⚡ INFERTILITY FB Live Talk at 3:30 By Dr. Rimmy Singla(Director Radiance Hospital ⚡

FAQs related to IVF and Infertility answered by Dr Rimmy Singla, a well-experienced fertility consultant and obstetrician. Her in-depth acumen in treating infertility problems and especially IVF has credited us with North India’s most advanced trusted and reliable IVF, Infertility & Best laparoscopy hospital.

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