Dr. Rimmy Singla explains that Word wide this therapy has been quite successful and helped women with premature ovarian failure, and menopausal women. Normally, these patients have to opt for egg donation, which has the limitation that the baby is not the biological child of the mother. With this procedure new wave of egg production starts, normal menstrual cycles are established and the couple can have their own biological child.

Recent Patient case:

Wants to share one case
Pt of poI
She came to me around 4 years back
Diagnosed with premature ovarian insufficiency with fsh more than 40
I have advised for ivf
She ran away and got treatment from patiala with ovarian stimulation and spend almost 3 lakhs
After 4 years she came to me for ivf but adamant to get for her own eggs
Amh. O5 ,fsh 37
I have counselled her for laparoscopic ovarian resuscitation with prps
We have done this in October with amh. O5
Now in march
I have started her stimulation with antagonist protocol as my routine protocol and I repeat her amh
Amh was 2.7
Yesterday I did her ovum pick up
And got 9 m2 oocytes


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