Searching for Best Hernia Hospital In Mohali/Punjab/Chandigarh?
Here you are at best place for Hernia Treatment In Mohali . Listen to our Patient Reviews who chose Dr. Raman Singla for his Hernia Treatment/Surgery.

We are happy that our patients claim that Dr. Raman Singla is the best hernia doctor. This is so because he not only does the best laparoscopic hernia surgery, but he also addresses the other issues of patients to get them to the best possible functional outcome. Thus not only the patients get fast and smooth recovery from surgery but lead a normal life after surgery. Our aim to help patients go back and do all the physical activity they were doing before surgery, as soon as possible after surgery. At Radiance Hospital for Digestive and Obesity surgery we not only focus on just repairing the hernia but overall wellbeing of our patients.

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