The ovaries are a pair of small sized organs that are shaped like almonds and play an important role in the female reproductive system.

Ovarian cysts are usually small sized structures that rarely present any symptoms and usually resolve on their own. Infact, most women did not know that they have an ovarian cyst.

Here is a list of warning signs of Ovarian Cysts:

  1. Pelvic Pain –  Pelvic pain is one of the most common signs of an ovarian cyst. The pain may be dull like menstrual cramps or it can be sharp.
  2. Nausea and Vomiting –  Nausea and vomiting may sometimes occur when an ovarian cyst causes one of your ovaries to become twisted.
  3. Infertility –  Most Ovarian cysts are harmless and cause few to no symptoms, severe situations may cause fertility issues. Ovarian cysts are extremely common in women with PCOS and can make getting pregnant difficult.
  4. Bloating and Weight Gain – Some Ovarian Cysts can grow quite large. The larger the cyst, the more inflammation and bloating you will see in your abdomen.
  5. Pain During Sex – Ovarian cysts can occasionally result in pain or discomfort during sex.
  6. Changes in Bowel Movement – In some cases ovarian cysts can cause changes in urination and bowel movements.

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