Piles are inflamed and swollen collections of tissue in the anal area. They may be internal or external. Piles of an initial stage can be treated with medications and lifestyle changes. But if you ignore the symptoms, the case may become complex that you might need an operative surgery to get rid of them.  Radiance hospital Mohali   provides the best laparoscopic surgery in Mohali by the expert Dr. Raman Singla (laparoscopic surgeon in Mohali).

Common Signs and Symptoms of Piles

1.Bleeding during bowel movement

Bleeding during bowel movement is the first sign that will grab your attention. If the bleeding occurs for more than two consecutive days, you must see the doctor.

2. You feel a lump in or around the anus

There are two types of hemorrhoids internal and external. The lump is usually hard and painful that may contain coagulated blood.

3. Irritation and Pain

If you regularly feel pain and discomfort during a bowel movement, it is possible that you are suffering from internal piles.

4.Slimy mucus discharge from the anus after passing the stool

Another prominent symptom of piles is the discharge of mucus after the bowel movements.

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