5 Unhealthy Habits That Can Lead to #Cancer#

Cancer – the name itself is scary. As per a World Health Organization report, in 2018, cancer was the second leading cause of death globally, “accounting for an estimated 9.6 million deaths, or one in six deaths”.

The most common cancers are lung cancer, breast cancer, skin cancer, oral cancer, stomach or colon cancer, cervical cancer, colorectal cancer and prostate cancer. Radiance Hospital always care for you and your family’s health. We have expertise in cancer treatment and has saved thousands of life through successful life-saving surgeries.

5 Unhealthy Habits That Can Lead to #Cancer


According to a study, if you are obese, the risk of getting cancer can increase to a great extent. Due to excessive weight and obesity, there is a change in inflammation and hormone levels. It can affect biochemicals like insulin in the body.


While stress does not cause cancer directly, the body’s response to stress—such as high blood pressure, accelerated heart rate, and elevated blood sugar levels—can inevitably lead to cancer if left untreated, according to the National Cancer Institute.

Tobacco and alcohol

According to the American Cancer Society, people who smoke a lot are 10 years older than those who do not smoke. At the same time, the consumption of too much alcohol also increases the chances of mouth, throat, esophagus, larynx, liver and breast cancer.

Too much sitting

The risk of colon cancer, endometrial cancer, and lung cancer increased by 8%, 10%, and 6%, respectively, for every two additional hours of sedentary activity per day, according to a review published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute in 2014.

Exposure to Sun

More people are diagnosed with skin cancer each year than all other types of cancers combined. UV radiation from the sun is one of the main reasons. When you’re outside for long periods of time, apply sunscreen and protective gear, and seek shade wherever feasible to reduce your risk

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