Today, many options exist for fertility preservation; your cancer diagnosis doesn’t need to ruin your dreams of having children.

Preservation Options

Embryo Preservation Process First daily injections of synthetic hormones are taken for up to two weeks after starting your period, these injections stimulate your ovaries, increasing the chance that several eggs can be collected. Eggs are then harvested from your ovaries, are mixed with your partner’s or a donor’s cleaned sperm and then the embryos are frozen, labeled, and stored safely.

Freezing Eggs A more modern advanced technique, egg freezing is not practiced by all fertility doctors because of the complex laboratory techniques that are needed when using frozen unfertilized eggs for future use. At our Radiance Hospital Best IVF Center in Mohali, we can freeze eggs to help protect and preserve them before you undergo cancer treatment therapy. Very similar to egg harvesting, this surgical procedure is performed on an outpatient basis.

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