1. Slowly return to your routine After the surgery, the initial days do require complete rest, but by taking one step at a time come back to the daily routine and lifestyle.
  2. Take proper dosage During the recovery period, to have maximum healing, taking the proper dosage, as instructed by the doctor is a must.
  3. Take complete rest and enough sleep Post-surgery, complete rest is prescribed by the doctor as it balances the health and speeds up the recovery time.
  4. Maintaining a healthy diet Your health is the top priority especially after having surgery. During this time, the body is weak and can lead to developing more severe problems if it doesn’t receive proper nutrition.
  5. In case of emergency, contact your doctor immediately Even if experiencing the slightest discomfort contact the doctor immediately. As a doctor can either change the medication or take care of it.
  6. Resume physical activity post complete healing Once, the healing is complete, which can take approximately two weeks, get back to your physical health by starting with walking in the park.


  1. Heavy lifting is not allowed One of the first things to avoid is any kind of heavy lifting. This can increase the risk of wording your condition and create complications post hernia surgery.
  2. Avoid any strenuous activities Anything that gives physical, mental and emotional stress, ensure avoiding it. As this can increase the pain.
  3. Don’t stay completely stiff in a single position. This is understood that the initial days can be a bit difficult to manage and move your body. For the first few days it is fine to not move at all but eventually bring your body back to motion, letting the body come back to its natural state.

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