Now, you might wonder, “How long can I wait to have hernia surgery?” Some small hernias, that do not grow, can be left alone. However, it is important to remember that most hernias get larger and more dangerous as time passes. While it may not be creating any problems right now, it is quite possible that if it is not treated, it will cause more major problems later.

If any of the following occur, your doctor will most likely suggest it:

  • Tissue, like the intestine, becomes caught in the abdominal wall. This is known as incarceration. If untreated, it can result in strangulation.
  • Strangulation of the hernia. This happens when the muscular wall squeezes the bulging tissue. As a result, the tissue’s blood supply is cut off, and it begins to die. This is a surgical emergency that can result in lasting harm. Organs that have been strangulated, if not removed soon, will make you extremely sick.
  • If you have a fever or nausea, abrupt discomfort that worsens, or a hernia that becomes red, purple, or black, call our expert doctors right away.
  • The hernia is causing pain or discomfort, or it is expanding.

Because of the potential for serious complications, doctors normally advise patients with a hernia to undergo a minor procedure to remove the probability of it becoming larger or worsening. How long you can wait to have hernia surgery will depend on all these factors.

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