Dr. Rimmy Singla(Director Radiance Hospital) has extensive experience in treating patients of PCOS, endometriosis, advanced age, poor ovarian reserve, recurrent IVF failures & male infertility.
LOW AMH Treatment at Radiance Hospital Mohali:

This is an indication that women’s ovarian reserve is rapidly declining and thus might result in a condition of infertility if there are no eggs in ovarian reserve.


Irregular Periods
Stopping of periods
Missed Abortion
Difficulty in conceiving

Causes of Low AMH

Age: AMH Level starts declining with age as the ovarian reserve is down.

Medical History

History of hormonal disorders and medical conditions related to the reproductive system.


One of the biggest negative influencers on AMH levels causing infertility.

Vitamin Deficiency

Deficiency of Vitamin, especially Vitamin D affects fertility and AMH Levels.

Exemplary Fertility Assistance At Radiancehospital Mohali
Radiancehospital Mohali is the most trusted fertility center in India offering a complete range of fertility treatments and ART (Assisted reproductive technologies) like IUI, ICSI, Egg donation, IVF, Stem Cell therapy, etc. Dr. Rimmy Singla Director Radiancehospital Mohali with their expert team of experts makes sure that the patient is treated with the utmost care and excellence. With a high track record of successful treatments and exceptional patient care, Radiancehospital Mohali has become synonymous with excellence and innovation in the field of infertility.

Precious baby, the Patient was with very low AMH. Previous IUI failure at various other fertility centre’s. But conceived with us naturally with injections and medicines.

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