Besides healthy pregnancy, giving birth to your beloved baby is highly important. The experience of delivery has long-term implications for a woman’s health and well-being. To reach the best possible outcome with the highest satisfaction, giving birth in the hospital and adhering to international standards is the key.

Our Dedicated Team Of Highly Qualified Obstetricians, Gynecologists, Pediatricians, And Support Staff Work Hard To Serve Round Clock Services In A Responsible And Patient-Centric Environment.

Our Comprehensive Delivery Packages Give You Confidence When You Are In Motherhood. You can rested assured to be confident right from the beginning of your motherhood.

Packages exclude:​

• Epidural services (Normal Delivery)​

• Induction of labor (Normal Delivery)​

• Additional lab services​

• Diagnostic imaging​

• Hearing test for newborn​

• Follow-up visits for mother & newborn after discharge

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