Radiance Hospital Ensuring that your pregnancy completes a full-term, and you deliver a healthy baby, is the cornerstone of our aim at Radiance Hospital Mohali.

High-Risk pregnancy cases, which can cause complications during pregnancy, or during childbirth, require a very different kind of care, which our specialists are trained to diagnose and treat.

A critical part of managing high-risk pregnancies is ascertaining the cause or the risk factors that can cause complications. High-risk pregnancy factors can broadly be split into four different categories. This includes:

  • Maternal age
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Pregnancy conditions
  • Medical history

Radiance Hospital’s expertise is always helpful in giving special care and attention to a high-risk pregnancy in the following ways:

  • Usage of advanced imaging techniques for diagnosing medical abnormalities in unborn babies, a detailed image study of the fetus is obtained for accurate diagnosis and planning of the appropriate treatment strategies.
  • Treating the fetus during pregnancy, and ensuring positive long-term outcomes for the unborn, creating a personalized care plan before and after the delivery and the newborn period
  • Offering patient education on high-risk deliveries and postnatal care, as a course of prenatal service, the expert team prepares you for the next steps of the pregnancy, by supporting and minimizing the stress in the mother and the family members.

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