• Consume a healthy diet. Tobacco, alcohol, other recreational drugs of any kind should be off-limits during pregnancy. Minimise the caffeine intake as well.
  • Experts encourage exercise during pregnancy. They recommend aerobics, resistance and flexibility exercises for pregnant women. In addition to this, walking, stationary biking, yoga, swimming and weight lifting are also considered to be safe for pregnant women. The fact is every pregnancy is different so it advisable to discuss it with your gynaecologist.
  • It is necessary that you go for regular antenatal follow-ups or regular consultations with your gynaecologist depending on your co-existing medical conditions. A close monitoring of the fetus throughout pregnancy is important if you are 40+ as it can prevent the likelihood of miscarriage/abortion. Experts say many women give birth to babies naturally, however, due to an increased risk of pregnancy-related complications, the likelihood of C-section increases with age.

Most of all, what is required that one needs to have PATIENCE as it can take longer to conceive if you are 40+. As age progresses, older woman’s eggs are not fertilised as compared to younger women, taking more than 6 months to conceive. 

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