Bariatric surgery can be life-changing for those who want to lose weight. But did you know that there are so many more health benefits to it besides just taking that weight off? 

Dr. Raman Singla explains that you need weight loss surgery or Bariatric Surgery if:

You’re an obese adult, especially if you have a weight-related condition, such as type 2 diabetes, Heart Disease, high Blood Pressure, Sleep Apnea, Respiratory Problems, Depression, Urinary Stress Incontinence, Reflux diseases, Infertility , Menstrual Irregularities and many more..

The benefits of bariatric surgery go beyond just losing weight:

Long-term remission for type 2 diabetes.

Improved cardiovascular health.

Relief of depression.

Eliminate obstructive sleep apnea.

Joint pain relief. 

Improve fertility.

Alleviate other medical conditions.

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