Exclusive Interview with Dr. Raman Singla

Dr. Raman Singla specially discussed about the single-incision laparoscopic surgery in which only a single small cut is made within the navel to perform the laparoscopic surgery, thus practically leaving no scar.

During his interview session, Dr. Raman Singla, a chief laparoscopic surgeon and a specialist herniologist at Radiance Hospital talked about the latest advancements in the field of advanced laparoscopic surgery for the management of various diseases including gall bladder stones, all kinds of hernias, fibroid uterus, cancer surgery and other abdominal diseases.

Dr. Raman is a pioneer in the field of Surgery in gynaecologic cancers & advanced laparoscopic surgeries. Dr. Raman Singla is one of the most eminent experts in Surgical Oncology & advanced laparoscopic surgeries with extensive experience of 20 years in open Laparoscopic surgeries. He is able to offer surgical procedures with shorter hospital stays and faster recovery time for gynaecological cancer patients.

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